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Arc/Info (binary) Vector Coverage <-> E00 Library

AVCE00 is an Open Source (i.e. Free!) ANSI-C library that makes Arc/Info (binary) Vector Coverages appear as E00! It allows you to read and write binary coverages just as if they were E00 files.

The C library can be easily plugged into existing E00 translators to add support for binary coverages simply by replacing your existing translator's read/write function by the AVCE00ReadNextLine() and AVCE00WriteNextLine() functions provided by the library. See the library documentation for all the details.

For those who do not need a library but simply want to convert some coverages, the package includes the "AVCIMPORT" and "AVCEXPORT" conversion programs.

The latest version of the library is version 2.0.0 from August 17, 2006.

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Comments, suggestions (and bug reports of course!) about this library are always welcome... please keep in mind that I may not have time to respond to all Emails (but I'll do my best).

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Last Update: August 21, 2006
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